Episode #153 – Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good – Regymen & The Covery

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The Patty-G Show
Episode #153 - Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good - Regymen & The Covery

Being let go from 12 different sales positions might have discouraged the average person, but Edward Keith “EK” Navan used this time to help pursue his true passion – creating businesses. EK is a consummate entrepreneur who adopts a beginner’s mindset and always asks, “Why?” After opening the Regymen in 2016 with the hope of simply getting people up and moving, EK came to the realization that health starts from the inside out and decided to open up The Covery, a wellness spa focused on getting more quality out of life. EK created The Covery to help people — whether they be an athlete, single moms, or retired grandparents — better recover from life’s hurdles. His two businesses focus on all things health, from the inside to the outside. The businesses both focus on the main idea that when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good. In this episode, you can catch EK talking about what it means to adopt a beginner’s mindset, three important lessons he’s learned throughout the years, and his thoughts on entrepreneurship. 

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Hey everybody, Welcome to the Patty G show. I’m your host, Patty G. This week, we’ve got not a single business owner but a double business owner and franchisor for that. Fact, we’ve got EK in the house to talk about The Covery and Regymen Fitness and everything. They’ve got going on from new locations opening up to why he got started in the first place and everything in between so much to talk about so much to get to. But before we get to that, I want to give a big wonderful shout out and thank you to the amazing folks that bring you this show each and every week Gov’t Taco, Falaya Real Estate, Lake Men’s Health Center, Horizon Financial Group, Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge and you know, each and every week McLavy Ltd. is dressing us making us look top of the line.
You just can’t go wrong with it. Without further Ado, EK, welcome to the show.
Appreciate it feel like I should want to make lay these first to get some dress going on here.
But you know next time. Yeah, next time there’s episode part 2, part 2 part 2. Okay. I mean you’ve got branding on so you’re rarely.
Yeah. Because I don’t have quite that swag but I got to get there. So yeah. Next time we’ll go ahead of time.
Look, we’re going to be filming some more outfit of the days later this week. So just come along with us. That’s gonna send just have them fit you out, and they will like oh you will use you as a model.
This is a good outfit changes and stuff.
So yeah, part we’re going to like half this, I halfway through and then you’re going to go and change and come back.
You know, I’m good, sounds good.
Perfect, man. So who are you? And what the heck do you do?
So, who am I? It’s a great question. I’ve been trying to figure that out pretty much my whole life, but at the end of the day, I’m a consummate entrepreneur. I’m somebody that uses. I like to use the term beginner’s mindset, and that’s something that
You know, there’s nothing that I’ve visualized that I can’t do out there that I can’t build a team to help me do. Um. You know, a lot of people always look at it and say, I’m gonna start here. And you know, here’s gonna be my ending my whole life. I’m starting here and I’m not sure where it’s gonna end. Because I always figure once I get to reach one goal. That goal is gonna change a little bit is gonna want to be something different. So I’m in awe. I’m just in constant pursuit of new things. Ah. You know, I try not to suffer the entrepreneurs curse of chasing shiny things. And I did that that very early on in my career. And sometimes I still have to, you know, stop myself from doing it. Um. What are the other day? I’m somebody that just absolutely love business and creating opportunity for new people and open people’s minds up to things I might have thought about in the past. I know my career has been very, very interesting. I’ve been ah, we’ll say let go from about twelve different sales positions in my lifetime. Um.
I’ve always been that type of person that I’m going to get the job done. But I’m going to get it done kind of in my own little way. And so, because of that, I learned a lot along the way of how to deal with people. Definitely the things to say things not to say but more than anything else just kind of speaker truth. The tell people who you are what you want and you’re going to find that that tribe that’s around you, so that’s in a big nutshell. That’s who I am.
I love it man. So speak a little bit more on the beginner mindset. What exactly do you mean by that?
So I do a lot of Do a lot of reading and one of my favorite books is creativity ink. And it’s the Pixar story and they talk about their in the and having a beginner’s mind set. If you’re thinking like a kid, if you, if you’ve ever tried to argue with a kid, that’s 45 years old and you tell them. No, it’s never an answer. They’re always like why you? No tell me more but as an adult, if you tell us know, we’re just like okay and then we kind of go along our merry little way. And so, when I talk about beginners mindset, what I mean by that is
There’s nothing that you can accomplish a lot of people when they set out on a goal of this out on the path. They think about all the things that could go wrong and, and trying to look at all those things that go wrong. It starts to take your path in different ways and sometimes you might actually begin to follow somebody else’s path and when you’re building a brand and building a company, that’s not what you want. You got to get, you got to get through yourself. So in The Beginner’s mind set, it is nothing, can go wrong. I’m going to get this out there and when it does go wrong, I’m going to identify it and say, cool, it’s a learning experience. Let me go on to the next thing. So it’s really more about trying to be creative and not putting barriers up before you get started. So that’s charge a lot of people nuts sometimes because you know, you have these big pictures and all these crazy goals you want to reach just like which one do I do first. And, you know, from beginners Minds that it’s I’m going to get to all of these somehow.
Nothing’s gonna stop me. So that’s that’s how I look at it.
Yeah. You’re not discounting any one particular decision you’re gonna make before you even make it. You’re saying, look, here’s the end goal. And we’re just going to get there know what you’re. You’re not kind of. Just turning a blind eye. Say no. Nothing’s ever gonna go wrong, you know. Oh. Someone’s going to go wrong. Your site. We’re going to deal with as it comes up and we’re not going to prepare. I guess not really saying we’re going to prepare for every worst possible outcome. We’re going to say we’re always gonna prepare for the best. And then when bad things happen, we’re just got to kind of deal with it at that point in time.
Absolutely. And you know, you always, you think you know how you’re going to handle the bad things when they do happen. And sometimes, but I’ve found and is look even with the beginner’s mindset. You stress you know. You always have that stress and the what ifs. And what I found in my career is spinning all the time. Worrying about what can go wrong can be paralyzing. And you know, at the end of the day you just got to start and you just gotta go. And when you’re creating something new.
There is no, there is no brick wall, there is no Finish Line, it’s just get there and then what’s next.
Yeah, so that’s it. And I love that. And that’s where I think, you know, it was difficult in my career to necessarily fit into certain types of Employments of saying, hey, you know, you get here at 9:00 and you leave at five that that never made a lot of sense to me.
I was like, so I just work from 9 to 5 you know, what am I doing?
What am I doing here? So, you know, I just I’ve always kind of made my own rules and, you know, I like to identify Notify that and I understand there’s a lot of people that are a hundred percent rule followers. And then those are out there that look out of my guidelines. Like I think that is Pirates of the Caribbean where Johnny Depp’s like you know there’s not rules or guidelines or something like that. That’s that’s pretty much all I’ve always operated, right? It’s come back to bite me in the ass a few times but
That is what’s helped me get to where I am today and you know, when I say where I am today, I still got a long ways to go, but I’m feeling very confident about the path and what we’re doing and I think for a lot of self-starting entrepreneurs that initial sense of rule following rule at hearing, you kind of do it to a degree, you know and then every entrepreneur is going to figure out. I think I can do something better or I think I can figure out a better way to do this and ultimately that’s what’s going to Blossom. This idea in their head of oh I got an idea. I got a concept, I want to try out that’s totally different. It’s not really following. These guidelines is doing something totally different and then I’m going to go off and do it their own very way. So it’s like such a entrepreneur Spirit, born within you of operating outside of the world of rules and regulations that other people have put in place to kind of build what you’ve got today, which is two separate businesses but kind of somehow go together.
They do. It’s you know, when you look at with regimen fitness, it’s obviously fitness. You know, it’s it’s movement-based, lot of people. You know, when they when they look at fitness, they’re still there’s still a question, Mark, you know what is fit. What is healthy? And you know, the regimen fitness. It’s all about movement. It’s just I look at movement as medicine. Right. And so we’ve always had that fitness side. And then when we started the covering wellness, it was more about what’s happening internally. Because a lot of times fitness is always about it’s it’s vanity vs. Vitality. Talk about that a lot. You know, most people that come to a health club or that want to get into shape is generally because they want to look better and feel better. You know, you want to look better in that mirror naked. That’s if you ask a lot of people, that’s it. That’s what gets them in the gym. But what keeps them? There is how they start to feel. And so as I’ve gotten a little bit older and I like to think a little bit wiser, probably not the case. But ah, you know, like it to be is.
Fitness and that movements Ultra important but how I’m sleeping how I’m you know what I’m eating. Where’s my mental mind State at can I get brain fog cleared? That’s become so important in today’s society. It’s that it’s that state of self care. All right, so you know, we always so really what we’re talking about here is two different brands that focus on self care because if you feel better, you feel like whether it’s looking better and feeling better, you’re going to automatically put that energy out to those around you and you’re going to affect your community. There’s a lot there’s a lot of things out there and, you know, I follow a lot of lately, I fought a lot more of the Tony Robbins, things like that. And I didn’t really understand that early on in my career but there’s a lot of studies that energy and energy and people that you put out an energy field of around 15 feet around you and you know sometimes I’m sure you guys have walked into a room and like that guy’s just an asshole and you don’t want to get near, don’t be that guy you know put that energy out this a little bit more confident and you can do that if you look better and feel
Better, you know, anything more. So feeling better than even looking better. Absolutely. Because if you wake up and you feel great, doesn’t matter what you look like in the mirror. Yes, you’re going to have that internal positive feeling throughout the day, the confidence. Yeah, that’s what it is. It’s all about confidence and whatever it is, whatever it is. That drives. You just kind of find that one little thing and, you know, start to build. So, how did you get started with regimen? So, with regimen was, I’ve been in Fitness my whole life and I’ve got a, I’ve got a degree in kinesiology and exercise Fizz. And then the joke in my family was I was a person. Trainer at Gold’s Gym and this was, you know, early on in the 2002, you know, about 20 years ago. And so I started off in the gyms doing a lot of personal training. I knew I knew, I didn’t want to stay in school, long enough to be a physical therapist. I love the idea of it but I don’t want to be 26 or 28 years old coming out of school and you know, I wanted to make one to make money from the get-go.
And so I started in the personal training and through a business that way I set up personal training companies and around twenty clubs around Atlanta as was run from originally. And after a couple of hard knocks and losing a couple of clubs and not being paid out just learning the rules of business. I realized, I don’t know a lot about business. I know a lot about the body, but not a lot about business. So I decided to take a job in in the equipment sales industry where I would travel the country and I got to see pretty much everybody operate and in every state. So for me, it was great. It’s great to see different club owners operated. How different states felt about fitness in general and about two thousand and twelve. I came across orange theory, and that was that you know, it’s a great national brand that’s out there. Um. In a lot of fantastic things for fitness. So I became a part of that. And I realized real quickly that, you know, I couldn’t afford to buy into that franchise. Just I knew what the cost was going to be. And I wasn’t quite there. And I said, you know what?
I kind of see a glass ceiling here.
So I want to create something that is almost an evolution of this product.
And so, I started working in 2015, at a Charleston, South Carolina and Licensing, a product called Red Zone.
And Red Zone was a product that, you know, we had, we had the usual stuff, the treadmills, the kettlebells, but we brought in things like the boxing bags battle ropes and we wanted to be of just a big variety. You know, every time you come to work out, it’s something a little bit different. You have the heart rate monitor you get to see results.
it’s, and You know, as I started to grow this Red Zone concept, I actually I was at a show in California and so I always had a real job as well. So I always had a real job to support my entrepreneurial have it right? Right. Right. Yeah. Real job a real job. You know we’re in a sales job and things like that. Like you know, I had responsibilities and people had to answer to
But, you know, small world 2017. When I was at a trade show in California, I actually met who are now my partners and so, locally, gentleman named Donny, gyro, and Troy Archer. And so those guys great guys, and I met them in California, they flew me out here and said, look, we love this concept, you put together, and we want to put it in our clubs out here. And at the time, I wasn’t a franchise because it takes a lot of money.
A lot of infrastructure to get there and I wasn’t ready. So I told him.
Hey guys, let’s License this product out and so we looked at licensing it out here locally and Donnie and Troy both food of Charleston to meet me down there. And one thing led to another Donnie agreed to back the platform and regimen was born. And so came out here in early 2018, we opened our first location up at Bluebonnet and the same day. We opened our very first location of the regimen brand. We also opened our first franchise in Austin.
So we had actually sold the franchise concept before we’d even opened our first real regiment club. That was pretty cool. It’s pretty exciting. Pretty scary at the same time. Sweet.
So how did you sell it? Because generally like for encrypt me from wrong here, but generally like franchisees like to go and see the product in motion like to visit one store visit another store, see how other operators function within their own business. What? What was your response when someone said, I want to franchise the small world, small world networks?
And what I’ve learned in my career is nothing is more important than your network and your connections. You know, I look early on in my career. I used to be the guy that would stand on the bridge. Would I’d hold the kerosene and the matches? And I can’t say that’s a good thing. I was feisty. I think we all are. We have to. You have to be that way.
But I’ve grown a lot of really good industry contacts and so when people had started to see what I was doing with regimen and starting to put out there because, you know, we went out and did the whole 3D designs. We did everything we did everything to show people what was going to be. I had a lot of people that believed in me and called me up and said, hey you know, we want to do this brought a couple key members in to my team to really help grow it. And from that, that’s how we really start. Our first franchisees were people that had knowing me, that no one a couple people on my team and just trusted that process and Said, this is going to be done, right? You know, you also dangle that carrot of new franchisees of? Hey, we don’t we don’t have all the answers, guys. So ultimately, you’re buying into us, we want to see what you do, you know.
I love entrepreneurial stories, like with McDonald’s, you know, the milkshake didn’t come from McDonald’s. It came from the franchise East something, like the Big Max, and some of the best inventions come from franchisees, right? So my father, My Philosophy has always been, let’s get a corporate store open, but let’s get franchises open as well.
So we can learn and on all levels at all times and know where to make some tweaks, we’re to make some adjustments. And as a products grow, and I mean, if you had a franchise, the same time, your corporate was open. Y’all are all learning what the actual. Fans want what the customers want at the end of the day. And that’s what you got to Pivot to, you got to Pivot to what they respond, to not necessarily what you drew up an agreement and a book saying this is going to be a great idea, you’re 100% and that’s what you think and that again that’s the hard part.
That’s where
I always say to franchise, you have to give up a little of that organic Ness and a little of that granola. This and the sense of you think it’s gonna be one thing. And by the time you open it up, it becomes something completely different. So you’ve got to constantly evolve. And you gotta know that you don’t have all the answers, you know, as a franchise or what we’ve learned early on is we don’t have the answer someday times, you know, is marketing’s always a problem. There’s always something has always. There’s always a fire going on, and you just have to learn from that, you know. And just you just got to kind of put your head down and say, we’re going to get through this and figure it out. And so it’s you we’ve really learned how to communicate better than anything else. Yeah. Which is huge. Because your franchisees have all these questions. They expect you to have answers. Yeah. Yeah. And so being up front with them. And I’m sure you’ve had to say many times or this. The first time we’ve run into this issue, let us think on and and people hate that answer and, you know, and you feel bad because these are people that you’re working with. You want that answer right away?
You learn early on as a franchise or sometimes, when you give that answer, you better off.
Just just like you said, hey we need about a week just to really look at this and think through the patterns, right?
So that’s, you know, I kind of went roundabout way. But that’s ultimately, where regimen was born out of, I always tell people all the time in my head. It’s, I’ve got like a crazy, penguin a squirrel, run around up there, right? And it’s like, you know, are they ever going to talk to each other? Some days they meet in line but other days it’s like Wake up in the morning with notes everywhere, right? And so, you know, even talking right now and go off on a tangent field, I was talking about but that being said with a franchising, it’s it’s being creative. It’s allowing your franchisees to be creative and it’s trying to bring it all back together and all back home.
Because look, people want different things today. You know, what, what’s big in New York doesn’t necessarily fit in bad ruse, so you have to have an assemblance of it. They have to be similar, but still had to be different.
So, and how do you maintain
That brand image. I mean going from 0 to 2, basically instantaneously in very different cities, Baton Rouge compared to Austin or very different cities. How did you mean at the time that you even know what your brand was going to look like? And then how did you kind of, what did you, how did you work through that process of basically figuring on your identity as a company?
It’s a lot of trial and error. It’s a lot of I always tell everybody, call me at 10:00 and I feel Like I’m on top of the world call me at 10:05 and I’m going to be on the edge of the bridge just trying to figure out who I want to jump or not. And that was that’s entrepreneurial ISM, it really is and so when I set out to build this brand, we had standards and what we wanted it to look like but we also knew that the vision that we had was going to have to be changed and we quite a bit. So I want to say it’s just it’s it’s letting go of your vision and allowing other people to help create
And that’s ultimately what a brand is. You know, a lot of people come in and say, this is my brand. I’m not going to deviate from it. And if that works for you? Terrific. That’s just not how how I work or how our team works. It was. We’re gonna offer the best work out a route. We want to be a strong community when people come in, you know, we don’t want people in semi outdated. And that’s very tough. It’s it’s extremely tough because how you market could intimidate people, you know, what’s your imagery out there. And so look, we’re five years into it. We’re still trying to find our identity that way of. Who are we really going after here? We know the people that work out love this. But how do you attract people that don’t work out, you know that? What does that? What’s that imagery that brings them in? So yeah, they answer your question. It’s it’s very fluid. It’s understanding. Hey. We want to go ahead and produce the best service, the best programming. And then from there, we’re going to figure the colors the logos, everything else out as we go.
Our franchisees, not our franchisees but really our customers. They’re going to be the ones that the find that product for us. Not us.
And and how you get those customers to, I mean, what is it? The the World War two story, they were looking at, how do we make sure we all the planes come back. And I look at the ones that got back and where the bullet holes were and say, we need to solidify this these points. But what they fail to realize was the planes that didn’t come back. We’re the ones I got hit everywhere else. So and so it’s like how do we get everybody else outside of this area to come in and become our new customers? Whereas Just looking at, okay, who are, who’s our existing customer base and how do we keep them? It’s okay, who are we not reaching and how do we reach out to those people? But having the ability to recognize that it takes a team so early on to develop something that you just created. Like, that is a huge stepping stone for most entrepreneurs. That takes them a long time to get to
That, that acceptance of allowing somebody into your baby and helping you change it and mold. It is tough. But, I mean, you doing it from the get-go. Was probably led you to where you’re at today, I think so. I think it’s look, it’s self-awareness, and realizing you’re not the smartest person in the room. It’s your idea. And there’s, there’s dreamers out there, right? It’s always like, there’s a, we look at a tree, there’s roots and there’s Leafs, right? And so, I’m not leave its, you know, I’m going to blow everywhere. It’s going to be here. There everywhere else, but I’ve Got to have a team to keep me rooted down and that’s look, sometimes it pisses me off, not gonna lie, it does. It’s going to bother anybody. When you go to a team, they don’t like your ideas, but you have to just take a step back and say, you know what, I’m one person I’m pushing this out. Now, to an entire team, they’ve all got different beliefs if they can come to a common ground on this than that. Answer must be, right? Yeah. And so it’s leaving your ego at the door which it’s hard to do for everybody at some point in time.
So and have you had the situation where your team came up with the solution that you either disagreed with or didn’t come to initially that you had to go with or oh yeah, all the time? I mean, I’m I’ll tell you right now. It probably happens weekly, um, especially with with the new brown with recovery because we’re learning so much about it and what’s happening. I have to rely on my team. You know I have M d S. I have nurses than I have the salespeople and you want to talk about three different distinct patterns of thinking and ways of thinking. It’s it’s there. And so you know, I know what I want in the end, but ultimately, go back to the team and say, look, this is your idea. I want to ride with this idea. And if it doesn’t work, I’m not going to point a finger and blaming, we’re gonna Pivot right away the same way. If I gave you an idea and say, March with it. And you do when it doesn’t work same thing, go back to the job.
So it does happen all the time and I love it that because quite frankly if my team’s not coming to me with ideas or disagreeing with me, I’m not doing my job as a leader and building.
That culture is hard for most business owners to do to build the open door policy. The come to me with anything policy where it’s having your employees unafraid to approach you with either an idea or a disagree, more importantly, a disagreement, having your employees feel or your team members feel, they can come to you with a disagreement. Aunt, put you Leaps and Bounds ahead of the competition because generally it’s yours. Here’s your list of rules. Here’s your employee code account. Here’s a code of conduct and here’s everything you have to abide by now. Get to work as opposed to, hey, we’re fluid brand. We’re figuring ourselves out every day as we go. You have an idea. We want to hear, you know.
Absolutely. And that it attracts. It’s interesting because it attracts a different tribe. You get a. I got a lot of people underneath me that are entrepreneurial, they’re like, you know, I’ve tried this business thing. It didn’t quite work out for me, but I don’t want to be
Don’t want to be at a place where I always have to color Inside the Box. You know, I want to know some of my ideas are heard. I want to, I want to know, somebody’s gonna try some things and, you know, with people like that, that we get on our team, there’s always good and there’s always a little bit of difficulty with them as well, because again, that’s me and so I know you have to recognize the business owner. It sounds trite, but you have to really recognize your weaknesses and you have to embrace them real quick and I’ll go back to like Steve Jobs story and everything else, where look he had a lot of great ideas. Has the man, probably. I don’t know if you could have done any of them himself, you know. Some of the ideas I put out there, I can’t do myself. I know, I sure as hell know, I can’t do it, but I hope somebody on my team can figure it out and that’s, that’s what they’re there for. Yeah, your team is
Is there to help either? Support the areas that you don’t have the experience and will provide the ideas. And maybe you can execute on exactly you know, you gotta guest on before. It’s a chag Zahra. Yep. And Chad does a lot of art. You know, a lot of our build-outs and things like that. And I know I’ve driven that man nuts because he sits in the room. I’m like, here’s what I think I want. You know, this is a little ah. And you know, they always come back and they help. So again, it’s it’s it’s understanding who you have to surround yourself with to to get your goals met. Yeah. My Dad always told us you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room. You just have to know him and get him on your team. That hundred percent a hundred percent. Make sure they’re on your side. So so long as you know him and they’re on your side, you’re good to go. You’re good to go. You can agree. And you can maintain that relationship. He was always relationship, driven and like, instilled in us the value of that relationship, whether it’s.
A business relationship or an employment relationship, making sure that you’re good with people above, or below or everybody on the team is able to come to you with anything is so valuable. And as an entrepreneur, you have to figure out how to be that person. How to be that person that allows in those ideas. And doesn’t shut everybody off because as a franchise, or you can you have the the legal capacity to do so, but like you said, what is that speak of the brand and the image that you’re putting out there if If you’re having people in Baton Rouge operate the exact same way. Somebody is in New York City, I guess, just it’s two totally different landscape, different worlds. Yeah. And it’s heaven.
I get a lot of people would argue about this and they come in and they’re experienced franchisors. And I look at it and say, look, you grew your franchise, you know, probably in 2010, or before it’s a different world. I mean, there’s franchising and pre-social media, and then there’s franchising in today’s Times. That’s where, you know, you got to get your ideas out fast before they’re even ready. You know, the definition of franchising at this point in time to me is exactly what we’re doing when it comes to the coveri is we are flying a plane as we assemble it. And that’s, that’s ultimately what it feels like a lot of these days because that’s the only way to do it. If you wait, if you wait until you built this perfect mechanism, you’re gone. You’re gonna be in last place. So you got to get it out there and you got to learn quick. Yeah, and make
Pivotal decisions on the fly as you’re going. Absolutely. You know, but well, my favorite things that people asking again. I’m not. I’m not your typical franchise or um, in the sense of because I do like, you know, looser rules and things like that. But people come to me all the time now and they’re like, well, why should I franchise. And I’m like, look, here’s the easiest scamp. I can give you take a half million dollars and put it on your front yard on a pallet on Monday and set it on fire. Come out there again on Tuesday and do the same thing on Wednesday. Maybe only put two hundred and fifty thousand on that palace you. Getting smarter. You turned up was quite the most money out there. I said, that’s what the Franchisor has done. We have made all the mistakes upfront and we continue to make him. So when you buy into our brand, my job is to make sure I steer you not to make the same mistakes we’ve already made. We’ve got that answer for you. And you know, it drives me nuts when I see Franchisor’s author that don’t want to admit they made mistakes. It’s just like, look, just admit you screwed up. You didn’t know the answer. It’s fine. People would rather hear that.
Then some dies. Yeah, they would rather be told Whenever you give them a no or you give them a Direction, they would, they would rather hear the why. But they go back to the Kidman mindset. Well, why? Because we’ve already done this and we made a mistake and it cost us XYZ you, you can you can try it on your own dime if you want. But we’re telling you, this is what’s going to happen. If you do that, because we’ve already done it ourselves and we’ve got the battle wounds to show exactly. So what is the covering? So, and I’ll finish up with regimen. Now, we’ve with regiment, we continue to grow. Okay. Yeah, it’s done. Very well for us, you know, we were really proud of that. We actually we expanded with the third largest global Fitness, brand called, Good, Life Fitness into Canada. And so right before, right before covid, hit, we were fortunate to expand our brand through Canada, but when covid hit,
It just changed a lot of the Dynamics, everything and everyone wants to say covid, change the world. Well it did we know it did change the business World changes all. We approach stuff at that point in time. I was looking at things like cryotherapy red lights. You know I had a locally, I cramp really badly and so doesn’t matter if I drink a gallon of water, I’m going to go out front and I’m going to pee out a gallon of water like in two minutes, right? And so I remember I remember this day. Very distinctly, I was here, I had at the time, I love Corvettes so I’d have my core Yvette, and I was sitting out, we had our offices at LSU. I’m sitting there and I’m getting this AB cramp, right? And I’m like, trying to stretch it out. So then all the things I do that, my hamstring cramps. And so I’m this guy rolling out of his car under the rolling out of a Corvette on the ground in front of College campus. And I’m like, oh my God, I must look like I’m 100 years old right now.
This the other day I went to go get an Ivy and as crazy as it sounds. It was life changing. I got that IB I didn’t cramp. I was able to get a better night’s sleep. I was able to work out move better and it got my mind thinking I was like, it’s always been workout workout workout. You know, workout five, six, seven days a week. But it was never really take care of your body into eternally. So the V thing changed my perception. Then when covert hit, I was looking at things like Ivy crowd therapy, red light things like compression. But we saw a huge mental wellness push during covert. If you look at some of these studies out there, they said that over twenty five percent of health care workers have been diagnosed with some type of mental health disorder following covert because it was just so much pressure on it. Yeah. So ultimately the covering was born during that time.
We looked at it and said, I want to bring a real holistic approach to health and wellness. It’s going to be a little Aesthetics, it’s going to be a little athletic recovery and it’s going to be a little longevity and optimization where you might not know everything that’s going on. In cover, you might recognize one thing. So, my job is to get you in there and say, okay, here’s how we’re going to build this ice cream sundae. So with coveri now, we start our first one in May of twenty, twenty one here in Baton Rouge off Corporate Boulevard we’re to open number 10 up this month. We’ve had a great run with selling franchises doing great. But ultimately coveri is I call it the new medicine and
There’s a great book out there called Upstream thinking and it’s what it talks about is if you and I are sitting next to a river, okay? In these kids are flying down it, you know, we’re running in the river, pull these kids out and we got one other person with us that other person’s going to go walk up the river. We’re like, where are you going? Like I want to figure out who’s throwing these damn kids in the river. Right? So I’m going to stop the problem. So when you look at, that is a country, let’s say you have three dollars. You know, the United States right now is putting about $2.80 into the Cure. Pharmaceuticals things like that we’re only putting about 20 to 25 cents into actually preventing the problem. You look a lot of these other countries the Norway’s of Sweden’s of the world that are out there. They’ve looked at it and said if we have three dollars
We’re going to put two seventy five of it into nutrition, exercise, education, housing to preventative type issues. We’re only going to put a little bit towards the cure, because if we can prevent it, we’re not going to have to worry about carrying it as much. And so ultimately, that is, that’s the vision with covering is when people walk in our door, we want to figure out what’s going on with you. Is it brain fog? Is it just lack of energy? Lack of sex drive. Is it lack of focus? Maybe you’re just going out for a weekend bender and you need an Ivy to get you through it. But we’re gonna find out what that problem is. And we’re going to start to address it. So you know, we’ve got things at the covering now that a lot of people are kind of getting aware of, for example, like hyperbaric, Cts. Have you ever heard a hyperbaric? You know, I have not heard of anything. And you’ve got. I’ll describe what I cover so and cut me off here at any time. This is where it gets. Really really interesting. Umm.
Well, the cover is comprised of is it starts with IV, infusions, and most of the time people are walking around a little bit dehydrated to begin with. When you’re dehydrated your metabolism slower, your Skin’s a little bit drier. It’s not quite the same, you do get that brain fog. You’re just not you’re not focused like you should be and so when you come in it all starts with that IV infusion and we can go ahead and kind of customized bags for people figure out what’s going on and really get them in a solid Direction. Then the add on to that is something called NAD. NAD therapy has been considered the miracle molecule right now, and what NAD does is essentially goes in and reset you to cellular structure. So, the end of the day, we have,
Trillions of cells in our bodies. We are just were basically balls of energy in cells. That’s essentially what we are. Okay. And so what’s fascinating about NAD is when you see a celebrity going to like, Malibu passages or something like that, they’re going to go do pretty much seven days worth of NAD, drips and those NAD, drips are going to reset their system if they have cells that have burnt out because of alcohol, abuse drug abuse or just overall stress, you can turn those cells back on. And that is, it’s kind of a way to, it’s ultimately anti-aging, but it’s just a way to kick-start the energy and to let your body, really absorb everything else you’re putting into it. So, it starts with IV Therapy. We have things like NAD to enhance that.
Then from there, we move on to a lot of other new therapies. So there’s something called cryotherapy, which a lot of people know about the passes. We walk in the freezer in indio and you get cold. Real quick. Yeah. And so with cry, what’s interesting is we were the first to bring an electric cry. Everyone else has these chambers where the head hangs out. It’s nitrogen, this and that with our chamber, you walk into it. And what happens is your body goes into fight or flight. It says, you know mentally your body’s like we gotta get out of here. We’re gonna drop dead. So what happens is all the blood from your extremities rushes to your to your core to protect your vital organs. Only thing that’s changing. Is your skin temperature drops? Maybe twenty four degrees, but internally you’re not having this major temperature drops. So when you get out of that crile feels like it can be shot out of a cannon. It’s you know, you’re gonna get dopamine levels and serotonin serotonin. It’s just you get out there and you got major energy real quick because that blood has to re circulate and re oxygen.
So, what’s interesting about cryotherapy is people, use it, mainly for pain management, it takes there’s something called the vagus nerve which runs from the neck down the spine. So you’re at your longest longest nerve in the body With cryotherapy. You can help if you’ve got a bad back or that nerve impingement, you can help actually that nerve ending regenerate and heal. So for a lot of people with lower back, pain issues like that, they’ll come in and they’ll do crowd therapy and they have, they have free or movement for a couple of hours that starts to compound over time. You know, the other cool thing about cryotherapy is it’s big for skin. So we have a lot of ladies that come in that say, Hey, you know, I just you know I want to boost my metabolism little bit. I want to feel a little bit better but they stay because of the skincare benefits. It basically I helped produce more collagen. It gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles so it truly is anti-aging.
People come in the covery. We really start to walk him down this path of absolutely everything that we have. You know, we’ve got something called P. EMF, EMF is there’s a lot of studies out there on it. One book I would recommend to anybody listening here is the Tony Robbins book called life force and they talk about all of the stuff. I understand. It’s not Tony Robbins. Talking about it. It is world renowned Physicians and MD’s. They’re out there studying this stuff. What we’re doing at the coveri is really five years ahead of anybody. He else at this time. So, like pmf pmf is a pad that you said on and, you know, you can sit there and you might see people do this because it’s real strong and you like that must be uncomfortable. You know, it feels great or you can says a lower setting. But what pmf does? This like setting literally jumper cables up to every cell on your
And sounds very safe. It it actually is really, really safe. So here’s the se part about it. You charge yourself on every single night. Yeah. Your body’s no different, right you? We run out of these energies. So what? P M F does is essentially again. It’s healing you to sell your level. So it goes to the good cell skips them. It goes to that injured seller at six cell, and it tries to re-energize the easiest way to look at. This is take heart cancer. You don’t hear about it. It’s rarer than rare while your heart holds a certain charging. It’s almost like I believe it’s ten thousand volts or something like that. So your heart actually holds it. But your organs don’t hold charges like that. And so what happens is as you’re basically Rainer dicing your body, you’re essentially Sep telling yourselves. Let’s be more receptive. Let’s take all the good stuff in and push all the bad stuff out.
It also can keep your pH level at 7 or higher when you fall below, a pH level of 7, that’s for all autoimmune disease Begins, the Crohn’s disease or arthritis is the cancers. Everything goes wrong when your body pH drops, that’s why people always say drink alkaline water and things like that. So again with pmf just here, it is actually extremely safe. There’s a pmf originally was formed for broken bones. To help them end faster. NASA has over White paper studies on it. They actually wrap the astronaut suits in pmf for when they’re in space so that their blood flow Remains the Same, its kind of sounds hippy granola schwerer. You know, you always tell people hey walk out in the morning and in the sun Barefoot on the grass. Well that’s the, that’s the world’s that’s natural PMS from the world, that’s what gets us back into. So I know it sounds like some crazy stuff. But if you go to a big city for example, that frequency
You feel, you, feel that energy versus the beach two, totally different things. Well, your body’s responding equally, so what pmf does is it kind of it mimics, that mimics, that Earth’s gravitational pull, it starts to heal the body internally. It allows for better blood flow, if you put an IV while you’re doing pmf, it’s like super charging the cells. So it’s just, you can honest-to-god, sit-down. And I don’t want to say fix any problem out there, but you can address a lot of issues that are going on with people and back to the Hyperbaric. Michael Jackson, people used to hear about all the time and they laugh at him as Hyperbaric, Russell Wilson, LeBron James. All of those guys Hyperbaric forces oxygen into your cells, where your lungs and, you know, pretty low in the stomach and it’s really hard to get oxygen past there.
If you have like inflamed muscles, bad blood flow again, you’ve got to get oxygen here to get the cure. So what hyperbaric does it put you under pressure? When you get inside of it, it’s forcing oxygen in the cells. It’s crazy how this works. We have people with brain injuries. We have. We have two teenagers that coming all the time with, um, I can’t think anymore. It’s ah, an Alzheimer’s. Gosh. What is that is? I’m trying to think of ah, like autism sciences. And there we go. Thank you. Yeah. So they come in with autism, um, people are running the marathons. Just need better recovery. Better brain fog to come out. You go on the hyperbaric now. What’s cool about the hyperbaric is when you’re in there. The hyperbaric gets your body’s going to release stem cells from bone marrow. Oh it’s going to re stem cells from tissues and stem cells. We know what regenerating you have to have.
So anybody can do Hyperbaric and benefit from it and go in there for an hour and it’s a pretty relaxing session, know what my favorite stories is. We have it we have one of our favorite people’s mr. Mr. Brown and mr. Brown’s. 82 years old. He was our very first client and came in and his doctor called me the first day and I’m like aw crap we just open the am I going to did? I do something wrong. Gee. Did you injure an 80 years ago? This Hyperbaric and, you know, he had had some health issues in a couple things going on with him and he had actually had he was recovering from prostate cancer and internally. When they had done some work on him, they had essentially cut his colon and burn its weight. A lot of internal bleeding.
Craziest thing after four weeks, 90 minutes a day, five days a week is internal bleeding stopped his skin, lesions totally cleared up and he had lost about 19 pounds as Manhattan. Change his lifestyle at all. Not at all, still, you know, doing what he did traveling and very active at his age. Now, his hair is getting the natural color coming back, so this guy comes in every day with his pillow jumps in the Hyperbaric flirt, with the nurses now and it’s just complete change of life. So that’s what we’re doing with a cover that. So, Ting is, if you come to us and say, look, I just, I’ve had this these nagging injuries or these problems Chances are we have something that can help. We’re not saying we’re going to carry anything. Yeah, but we are going to help that’s the that’s that’s what’s so cool about covering. So how did you kind of figure out all these different tools to put in your tool belt?
Lot of study and a lot of reading again, Mccovey hit. I took that time to really jump into all of this stuff. You know, I wasn’t gonna bring hyperbaric. And because I thought it was too medical. And I thought, it might be too expensive. And people wouldn’t respond. But when you understand the importance of it and an overall platform, it’s we’re constantly studying and constantly finding new technologies. You know, we’ve got on the aesthetic side of things. We have something called Creole skin, which there’s cool sculpting out there. And it’s it’s all the ideas spotlight policy. She freeze the fat cells off and get rid of. Oh. We do that with craftsmen were people that might for me. I put my weight on my love animals, for example. Those are very, you know, I’m not gonna eat perfect. And so it’s it’s nice to know that I can cut a little bit fat down either if I want to freeze it off.
We also bring something in that’s body contouring that it’s really cool. Put this magnet on your stomach where you can put it on your glutes if you want like the J.Lo Booty, whatever it is but it’s the equivalent of doing around 30 thousand crunches, in 30 minutes. It sounds like garbage. People are like, I don’t believe that. Yeah, we had a lot of the LSU players coming into, use this as rehab, so, like after they hurt their knee, and they couldn’t do certain things that actually come in and use this magnets on the quads because it would have the muscle tensions. And so what we found about a Lot of these devices is yeah, their aesthetic but they’re also truly athletic recovery and Rehab based. So we are constantly studying to see what’s next and it’s never going to end because right now what’s happening in our field is the technology is this exponential Technologies are amazing? You know something they talked about in the fountain Life Book, the Tony Robbins book is they truly believe that.
Over the course of the next you know 10 years or so we’re going to be able to almost add 40 to 50 years of life to most people and you know locking six-year-olds. It can live past 100 with these exponential Technologies because we’re going to we’re going to have much better blood flow. We’re going to have that our cognitive abilities all of this technology that’s available to us now is It’s really truly anti-aging. It’s I only called anti-aging. It’s truly turning the clock back. Anti-aging is where you try to slow the aging process, right? Some of these Technologies literally turn the clock back like stem cells, exosomes and it’s it’s becoming available to the general public where you should just be for athletes and Hollywood stars as by to say like the cover is almost this
Bringing it to the people or bring into the public and making it readily available for what athletes have been using for so many years to get through and play careers at Tom Brady’s. Yeah. Over over the course of you know a sport. You should stop at a much younger age and you got people playing well into an age that. No. I don’t want seen before. So it’s like now bringing it to people in their everyday life saying you can keep doing what you want to do for a lot longer.
It’s it’s it’s the quality of life. That’s there. You know, I look at it as one of my favorite sayings is, you know, life is a sport, and it is so is career. I mean, you gotta go, go go. So you do need to recover like an athlete. And I think a lot of people’s mindset is changing and they’re saying, you know, no for me, my generation coming up was you. You’d work. I’ve worked till midnight and brag about it and I get up at two am to go back to work and was brag. Brag brag. Well how many years I take off my life?
You know, what point was diminishing returns and ultimately, that’s why I think the public is starting to come around to his realizing. You know what? If there’s technology out there that that I can sleep better, I can think better and I can perform better, why not? Because we’re seeing that people are having to work longer. We’re living longer mean, you want to be 85 years old and not be able to move by what sucks about our society is by the time you get to the point where you’ve got Financial Freedom, And everything else is you’ve worn your body and mind out? There’s absolutely no reason to do that. You should, you should be doing these therapies every day.
Yeah. And you should at least be doing something to help yourself out later in the future. You know, it’s, it’s all about, not only your physical, like, people talk about their Financial Health, you know, making sure you’ve got that longevity setup, but if you can’t live and do things to enjoy what you’ve built up, it’s like, what’s the point, there is no point.
That’s, you know, it took me a while to realize that, look, I turned 45 this year.
And it hit me. I was like, I want when I go on vacation, I don’t want to spend my first two days sleeping because I’m just so, damn stressed. I want to get out there, and I want to know whether it’s mountain climbing, mountain bike, whatever the hell it is. I want to be active as hell, one of my vacations, and I want to feel good. Most people I know when they go on vacation, they just check out because they’re so mentally just bun. That’s not, it’s not, that shouldn’t be life. Yeah, and so that’s what we’re trying to get to the public right now. The cover is, we have a solution that That look you might you might hate your job, you might hate where you’re stuck but dammit, we’re going to help you excel at that until you figure out what’s next for you.
Yeah. And maybe it’s the fact that you’re stuck where you’re at because you don’t have the energy, whether it’s after work or before work to do something, you love whether it’s you want to get into running and you want to go run two or three miles before work or you want to walk a half a block.
You know, just something to get active before work. But you can’t because you don’t sleep well or after work. You’re so exhausted. You burn out. You don’t want to go hang out with people you don’t want to do this. You don’t wanna do that. And you’re at this point. We’re just constantly drained. And you feel you’re always feeling like you need to recharge or something. Absolutely it is. It’s like I mean, there’s a reason sex drives diminish theirs, a reason that you know, just drive in general diminishes, and it’s accepted which I just don’t understand that. I don’t think we should accept that. This is our fate. I truly believe that. Look. I love you know, I love my Dunkin donuts. I love my sugars. Am I? And I’m not willing to necessarily give that up, but will tailor it down. So I’m absolutely. And can I replace it with some better enhancements for myself? Yes. So you know, I’m not suggesting people go out there. And you know, eat everything. One hundred percent accurate and, you know.
Sleep your 10 hours a night, that’d be perfect, but it’s not reality, 10 hours. Is that required? No, you know, it’s good but for most people but if they what if we get half younger kids at home. So it’s like, where do you get those hours of sleep? You know, what’s so interesting is we have another technology called brain tap and it again, people come in and they laughed their ass off at this, but brain, tab does, this is clunky headset. You get on. And it’s these, these blue flashing lights and What’s fascinating is 30% of what you here comes to your eyes? Wait, say that again, here. I’m just coming through your vision. Yeah, you know, that actually makes a lot of sense. It’s okay. Continue. And so what this brain tap does, that has these blue flickering lights and people are, you know, you always don’t do blue light. What there is bad? Blue eye but there’s also good.
So the flickering lights do is your eyes are shut as they make your, they make everything absorb much better in your ears. And so what’s going on in your ears is you have a set of what’s called, binary beats, there’s certain frequencies going on. You’ll have this the voice talking into your right ear and your left ear saying different things. But what it’s doing is its programming your Consciousness and your subconscious levels, right? And what ultimately this thing does is in 15 to 20 minutes of wearing this Is it raises your HRV and your heart rate variability? So if you can raise your HRV, what you’re doing, internally is lessening your stress. So what happens is your breathing gets more rhythmic? It gets a little slower or if you’re taking an IV or something like that, your body is able to absorb it even better because you’re at that you’re at a much more mellow state.
But just fifteen to twenty minutes of that. What that’s gonna do is it’s like sleeping an extra hour to an hour and a half of deep sleep. And so if you think about it, this is where this gets kind of weird and people, I lose a lot of people, but studies are out there. You know, our circadian rhythm is if you go back to our very beginning of time, we were made to be asleep in the fields made from twelve o’clock to two o’clock next to the lions and tigers and all that stuff. But that’s why everybody gets coffee in the morning. And by two o’clock, you have that crash or you try to get more. Something like this brain top utilization is allows you to get into almost a meditative state where I’m to a time to meditate, but his brain tapping this technology allows me to do it and so will have a lot of people doing this that come in at lunch. So do the sprain tap. Maybe a little bit of P. M. F. You get a recharge and they’re going out to. It’s like a superhuman protocol.
So they’re going out to now, you’re gonna stress the furnace finishing day, you know, finish it be on top of it. I use brains out every night to go to sleep because it puts me in, it puts me in a deep deep sleep. So that’s part of the other cool thing about what we’re doing at covering what’s available to people out there things like the whoop and the or ring, you know this is I wear my aura ring because it tracks exactly how I sleep and that’s that is important to me because I want to understand. All right. If I eat XYZ before bed and I don’t get quite as good as sleep and I’m dragging ass the next day. Day. So, if I do, if I change this for this and my getting better sleep, and I more productive, so we’re really if it gets measured it gets done, we’re really able to start to see that now. Yeah. And I think a lot of the measuring devices that people are using out whether it’s your Apple watch or your whoop ring or Fitbit, or whatever brand that is that you’re wearing and tracking. That data is so powerful now, because beforehand, you’d wake up and you feel groggy like, well, what did I eat last night, or
Is it because I slept bad? And you don’t know. And now it’s like oh I know I thought I tracked my meals and I tracked this and I track that. I know I ate well that yesterday and I slept well yesterday, so I don’t know if I try to repeat it. Can I build on that her? Can I get better? You know, can I now go from only being able to sleep and wake up six times? Can a now only wake up four times can I only wake up three times? Can I wake up nun and sleep through the entire night? Having that knowledge? And that data is so powerful. It’s addictive and Goes a couple of different ways in the sense of like, the or ring for example, out of a measure, you know how much you’re moving. So I didn’t realize how much I sit behind my desk there in the day. Sometimes, I mean, I’m just sitting there whether it’s emails calls or whatever, I might not move for six or seven hours and so these things remind you, hey, get up, walk around a little bit.
The flip side of that is on weekends. When I want to be lazy at home, I take the damn ring off because I don’t want to yell at me. Right. So I’m like so you don’t show me stand up. Don’t watch. Don’t watch the watch or you sit there. You’re just like moving moving. Yeah. Jesus. Like I’ll go walk to the dumpster. Real quick and dump something off. Okay. I’m exercising. I’m good, but no. I mean, all this stuff is out there. And I think I think in general man, you know, with fitness people make it too damn complicated. You want to go somewhere where you can have a good time? You what we did with regiments? We took the idea of we get bright lights in there. It looks like it. Looks like a freakin nightclub or concert hall. Me. The music is thumping and the whole thing is just mentally pretend you’re not even here, right. Skip the workout in in a good way comes like covering, and and all of these technologies are out there. It’s just make one little change like one little change and start to see how your life’s gonna improve. Yeah. I think that’s that’s what’s exciting about this. I think people make it too complicated. Um.
Too intimidated by a lot of it. And when I can say, is this, hope people that if they’ve listened to me at this point which 99% of people have probably tune me out of this point in time but that’s okay. What I would say is, you know, it’s just you’ve just got to You got to run towards the things you don’t understand is human beings. We have a tendency, I don’t get that. So I’m going to go the other way. Don’t do that. If you question something, run towards it and really figure it out and look at a lot of stuff. We’re doing the cover right now and research it. You might laugh a little bit at it, but once you try it changes your mind. Yeah. So that’s, it’s exciting.
See, I’m one of those weird people in the gym, I listen to an audiobook, while work out. Okay. Yeah. So you have, you might ask my ask my abs.
I do do you risky. I’m horrible.
Like, I retain a A little bit, I got put in my phone to write it down, so I would our Tain certain information when we’re taking a whole like the whole thing I won’t be able to tell you exactly what I just read like for the whole book. But
I will be able to retain and pick up. Oh, wait, no, I remember hearing this. It depends like I’ll pick up little Snippets from it that I find intriguing or important or things, that I’ll make a note of mentally like, oh yeah, remember that. That’s important or that pertains to me. But then the rest of it is, I’ll be like, okay, just kind of listening to it there, but I will find myself sitting down and between Seth or something. And I’ll be like, I’ve been sitting here listening to this book for 10 minutes. Not even, I think it back to finishing it. Yeah, if it’s something that’s really interesting and drawing me in, but yeah, I do. I don’t listen to music when I work out so you don’t, that’s when I drive. I start to listen to the audio books, a little more, but what kind of books do you listen to though? Is that this depending on your mood that day? No. So I use to the library’s, got this, this free resource, where you can check out digitally books and so I whatever, I’ll go through the library’s list of books and I like tag them. So I’ve gotta get my books for the year. I get like I think I try to listen like 20 or 30 books, a year, and I’ll listen to those and it’s mostly other business, Book Sales, books, marketing books.
And stuff and stuff. And that nature, us entrepreneur stories and those types of books not necessarily literate literacy books. I’m not listening to how to become how to learn how to follow a tax return or some emotion is something very, very technical. It’s more story-driven and Reese and some of it’s a little bit of an analytical, ah, driven such as like good, great. And then great worker, I think, is what I’m listening to right now from the people who brought good to great. Okay out. So stuff kind of like that.
It’s it’s it’s interesting. Because to me, there’s times I look back at my career when I read. And when I don’t read and just the motivation I get from reading a lot of those books or hearing things, you know, just like you might pick up on one or two things. And that’s what I really hone in on and go trying to figure out like in college.
Again, it was a, you know, we celebrate when I got into college because I was not exactly. I went to college to drink beer and play baseball, basically was the whole thing, and then somehow I fell in exercise physiology, when I was there. But I remember I used to take the textbooks and rewrite them, and that’s how I, that’s how I would learn. So that’s why I do with audio books. I’ve listened to like, five or six times. I make these crazy notes. That’s the, that’s the, I think they said the average CEO reads like 40 or 50 books a year, which to me is absolutely insane.
See, I can’t tell if I could listen, my, my goal is to Like listen to 20 books because I can’t sit and read a book because I’ll end up like it, depending on type of book. I found some books, I can read, but other books, I like fall asleep halfway through it because my body will just start to dislike. You’re constantly just reading this page and you’re following this and it’s like a trance. I get into and then I’ll just like
Well, my thing is like, I like to set a go to sleep, I just read a book and read a book, and then, so I got my saint of time which is like my, you know, my reflector time. And it’s so funny because I’ll go from like the books. This is the weirdest thing people always crack up. I know from the books to Taylor Swift music and like, Kiss, he’s like the way she writes is like reading a book instead of May, I just go back and forth. It’s interesting cuz I have to have music with a book for me to remember it. So I’ll try to put like the words. I’m learning to like losing. Yeah, yeah. I just forgot through that part in there, you know, just for people to back. Yeah, that’s like guys. So weird good for him. Well maybe somebody else has the same thing and they think it’s weird. Now it’s right now it’s normal. That was okay to do it man it’s good. Okay. Okay so as we wrap up the show we do like to ask everybody the same set list of questions. Okay? So the first one is what is something you did as a kid you wish you could still do today and maybe you can because of the covery. Yeah. You know I used to gosh, I’m trying to do as a kid. I was still there today.
I honestly say, man, it’s I miss a miss just like playing baseball as a kid and having a good time. And you know, just be able to just tune out. Just hang out with your teammates. You know, as an adult, I don’t have that in my life right now. And so I missed the ability to play. And I think that’s ah, that’s something that I think. Every adult should miss a little bit. I almost want to go to take adult tumbling classes for God’s sakes, just just to move again. So I also did that. And then I missed the. You know there there are things there that you get fearful of every day. But I miss that. I miss that. Ah. Not knowing what could go wrong. Sometimes you know. And I guess ah, talk about beginner’s mindset a lot. But as a kid, you don’t think about the bad ever doesn’t crush your mind. You just go. You want the Cookie in the jar you want Maddie? You’ve done matter what it takes to get it. So that’s that’s I would say that. I wish I could play more as an adult. Yeah. I I definitely get that mindless playing. So what are three lessons you’ve learned along the way?
One is say what you want to say, you know, don’t try to fit into anybody else’s box because you’re going to be miserable. If you do second thing, I’ve learned is, you know, some real-life follow.
If one person says you’re an asshole, you’re whatever to people say, you are, maybe if three people say you are, you probably aren’t asshole. So stay away from that person.
And I think the third thing I’ve conflict or third thing I’ve learned is we talk a lot about manifestation you hear that a lot out there but Your thoughts are truly, truly powerful, man, ever you, whatever you start to think it’s going to happen.
So you better you better snap out of it and be a positive thinker. Those are the top three things that I’ve learned a couple of years that is there fantastic.
So being from Atlanta starting in Charleston, there’s a start in Charleston.
And then, moving to Baton Rouge. What is something you love about both doing business here and just live in here.
So interesting, interesting part. So I’ve had thirty three different addresses, over the course of the last 10 years III was on The Road to Sales. I was a sales guy a long time, 200 nights plus the year. So again, I told it was my real job. My real job was sale sale sale is going everywhere. So, I’ve lived a lot of places seen a lot of things I think about, Out, Baton Rouge. I’ve gotten to know some really good people. What’s interesting about, the people that I’ve met that I’m able to hang out with a danis and the Troy’s and people I work with, is they open their house up to you? They open their life.
That that was one of my favorite things about the people that I’ve met here. So far I’d say the second thing is, is definitely the flooding the the rain every time like yesterday I’m sitting. That’s that’s that’s your favorite part. I guess that’s what it is. And the roads. Um. You know, I love. I love the big potholes. But other than that. Um. You know, I’m a foodie. And so I love of the fact that like I love these little places like simple Joe’s this down the road and like fallacies awry and stuff like business. This breakfast place to go man is like the restaurants here are. It’s good food. But it’s ultimately everyone’s casual. Like I said, you know, I know that. You know you can walk in and anything you want. And people aren’t judging which is cool. That’s that’s my probably my second favorite thing about bad.
Everybody’s there to break some bread. You’re just there to have a good time. That’s it. You know, I’m not. It’s interesting to have never been a football guy. I’ve never been any of that stuff, but I’ve been to a couple of the LSU game. So I started to understand, I’ve started understand the culture and why people like it, some more. So coming from an outside perspective, it’s been very, it’s been very interesting. I’ve learned a lot here and go check out a woman’s basketball game really. So it raises crazy. Okay. It looking at the game last night, I wish I would have gone because just the environment. Moment. And the ecosystem has been created around. Kim Mulkey. It’s just know. It’s crazy. Crazy. And it’s, I think they’re now competing with men’s basketball attendance, really. Oh, yeah.
Is not something this eating men’s basketball attendance.
See, that’s the other thing we were as of learned, as I’ll take that advice. And I’ll go yeah, yes, you will.
Advise my God, just just go, just go once. Okay, it also doesn’t hurt that we have a perfect record right now, okay? That’s probably a good thing is definitely there was definitely there. So for the final question, man, what can I do to help you?
I love being on this. I mean, I’d be honest. You know, we talked about it, we joked about earlier that, you know, I tried to get on the show six months ago. I just, I think it’s It’s really cool that, you know, you’re promoting local business owners and you know you’re letting them share their stories and kind of their vision and you know, the ups and the Downs. So honestly man just having me on the show was awesome. I would say for me personally I would love it. If you would come by you know, Bring Your Wife by and just check out some of these things. And
Something you’ve never done before. I want you to come in recovery and try a couple of things and just see if it sticks. And if it feels better. And I think you have an impact on a lot of people out there. People that you talk to people that listen to you. And for me, it would be a big be an honor if you’d come by and try it out and say, yeah, this this is what I’m feeling from this also come out. Maybe we’ll get. We’ll get our video team together. My ability. Some will do some. Ah a spouse. What would do I do a spa day at the covering? We’ve got Hydra facials to yacht all that stuff we got. I mean, we can always tell people, man, you’re gonna walk in, but you’re gonna float out. So that’s not this. If that’s not your slogan that it needs to be trademark. That right. Yeah. Trade and trade. Trademark law can vote out. Yeah. That would be the best one. So?
Well, thank you for coming on, man. I appreciate your time. And I thank you for your understanding and the crazy schedule that is this show. Absolutely, I was honored to be here. Thanks guys. Appreciate it. Absolutely. And thank you, everybody else for watching or listening the show, I appreciate it. I know the guests to, as well. Look, if you’re feeling down and out, you’re feeling sluggish, you’ve got any of the symptoms or feelings that he has described, or maybe you’re just curious about some of the stuff that they do, go over there to the cover and tell them that you heard about them on the petty G show. And They’re going to take care of you all the way through it from step one. You’re going to walk in and Float out. Just remember that walk in and Float out. Thank you all. So very much for enjoying this latest episode of the Petty’s you show. And thank you so very much, the amazing sponsors that bring you to show each and every week here, a little bit more about them right now.
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