Good To Great: 3 Reasons How A Podcast Can Make Your Brand Better

Content is king when it comes to social media, yet so many companies don’t do it. Why is it that companies are reluctant to spend both time and dollars to create content for their brand. Could it be because it is in a weird space they don’t know much about? Could it be that the pricing of content creation can range any where from $5 a post to upwards of $1,000,000 a post? Better yet, could it be because of a lack of time to devote to creating content that quite possible no one will see? All of these are prime examples and questions business leaders ask themselves before diving into the realm of content creation.

However, they may not take the time to do adequate research into the field prior to shutting any idea a younger employee suggests. Never heard of what the heck a podcast let alone vodcast even is? You are not alone. Podcasting/Vodcasting is a relatively new concept in the grand business scene. Most businesses don’t know how it works and most won’t go near it with their brand. Yet somehow people are becoming wildly successful by creating podcasts and pushing out their content across all the social media channels. If you are a business leader that is open to new ideas and wanting to take you brand from good to great, allow us to give you 3 reasons how a podcast can make your brand better.

  1. Long Form Allows For Short Form
  2. Establishes Your Brand As A Leader Within Your Niche
  3. Connect With Customers

1. Long Form Allows For Short Form

Podcasting is known as long form content. Meaning, the show is going to surpass the general time allotted for your every day pieces of content. With IGTV having a limit of 15 minutes and the average podcast being 38+ minutes, it is clear you won’t be able to post the entire episode to your Instagram page. And if you aren’t recording your show in video format in addition to audio, well you need to go and read our 5 tips for starting a successful podcast.

This isn’t to say you can’t have a successful audio only podcast. There are many out there that are wildly successful and have no intentions of bringing in the element of video into the equation. But I challenge you to find one that was built from the ground up without video from a person with no name. They might be out there, but incorporating video from the get go gives you a better chance of success. Why video you may ask?

Once you record the long form version of your podcast you now have all of this content that can be slices, diced, and minced into bite size pieces to be further consumed across your social media platforms. With video, you can now take that clip and post it to your IGTV, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok.

Content is king, if you document and release content regularly, you’ll always be in the mind of your customer.


2. Establishes Your Brand As A Leader Within Your Niche

Sitting down to record a podcast can be quite daunting. Creating, planning and organizing the discussion topics can seem like a blank canvas in which you have no idea what your first brush stroke will be. However, you already contain a certain amount of knowledge within your field and about your products. While you don’t want to come off sounding like you’re selling your products the entire show, start with what you know.

Understanding what it is your company does well and can educate your consumers with is the first step with planning for your show. By determining what type of value you’d like to bring to your listening audience will help you get your show off the ground. While you are preparing your show, be sure to include content and topics that you are an expert on. As your show grows and the content continues to expand, people will turn to your brand on the subject matter because they are able to research and listen to your own words before picking up the phone to call.

With search engines, Google reviews and social media, your business has various locations in which people and consumers can learn more about you. Providing an additional resource for them to learn more about you and your services establishes a differentiation factor between you and your competition. Think about it, do you know of anyone else in your industry that has a podcast? Might be a prime opportunity to devote some marketing dollars and start building a listener base that can convert into paying customers.

3. Connect With Customers

Do you have clients you’re close to? Do you have clients you’d like to be closer to? Creating your podcast around conversations with your customers/end user is not only beneficial to bettering your existing relationships, but gives a first hand account to your listeners about people you do business with. While you want to shy away from only having conversations around, “why are you in business with us”, it can be a good starting block for the show.

Diving deeper into the content creation element of the show can open opportunities to have conversations with your customers about possible ways you can improve your product/brand from people who are already using your existing offerings. Not only are you having conversations around your brand and ways customers are using your product/services, you now are showing to your listening base that you care enough about your customers to continuously be in contact with them. I’m not too sure about you, but if a company was wanting to talk to me on their podcast about my experience, I would definitely think twice before wanting to go somewhere that doesn’t.

If you are uncomfortable having a conversation around your products/services with existing customers, aside from potentially wanting to reevaluate the products/services you offer, don’t sweat it, make the show more casual and conversational rather than all business. While a business show can be a focus, it is not the only route you can take in order to create your show. Sometimes having a podcast talking about latest food/drink trends or even your favorite sports teams can make for excellent content that will still have the power to attract people to your business, with the right push and SEO tactics.

In conclusion, the world of marketing and advertising is constantly changing, are you on board for the increase in access to digital technology that can separate your brand from the competition? Serious about getting started but want to bounce ideas off of someone, shoot us an email and we’d be more than happy to chat.

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