Raised By An Entrepreneur | Gremillion Mechanical | EP #173

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Raised By An Entrepreneur | Gremillion Mechanical | EP #173

Happy Father’s Day to one and all. This week Patty-G had the honor of sitting down with his father, Douglas Gremillion. A generational entrepreneur running two family businesses with Patty-G’s two brothers. Gremillion Mechanical being the first of the family businesses is now within it’s 4th generation of Gremillion’s and continuing to grow year over year. A second company has started to bloom, Facilities Maintenance Specialists. Gremillion Mechanical originally started in Baton Rouge as a residential plumbing company has evolved to become an industrial plumbing company specializing in niche services within their industry. One of those niche services is non intrusive pipe lining solutions for any and all sizes of pipes. Facility Maintenance Specialists is an industrial grounds maintenance enterprise specializing in grounds keeping and general facilities maintenance. Being a 3rd generation entrepreneur himself, Douglas Gremillion sought out the engineering field for his joy of creative problem solving and building of structures. After building a career in the civil engineering field, he and his wife, Patrice, made the decision to return to the family business and take if over form his father, James Gremillion. In this episode Patty-G talks with his dad about what it was like growing up in an entrepreneurial household and what it was like to raise five kids within a similar mindset.

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