Episode #94: Pizza Pie Via Automation – Speed Bancroft

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #94: Pizza Pie Via Automation - Speed Bancroft

Ever wondered how in the world it could be possible to completely automate the pizza baking and deliver system? Well, this week on The Patty-G Show, we brought on a guest who has done just that, right here in Baton Rouge. It is with great pleasure that Speed Bancroft of Bancroft Automated Restaurant Systems, more importantly, Speedy Fresh Pizza. The first fully housed automated pizza system, coming soon to the Tigerland at LSU area. We were able to discuss Speed’s idea and how he took a journey that consisted of a few failures before being able to persevere through that and create this wonderful concept we are truly excited to try. With his passion to create a completely new system, Speed began his operations from his living room and is now operating with a full blown production system. We hope you enjoy this episode getting to learn about some exciting tech coming your way in the Baton Rouge community real soon.

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