Episode #75: Cruising Down the River – Falaya

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #75: Cruising Down the River - Falaya

We are going bigger and bolder with our latest episode, now that we are finally #75 episodes young! More than excited to have Barret Blondeau of Falaya Real Estate ringing in the episode with us. This episode is full of hidden gems about the real estate industry and the startup community. We chatted with Barret about some of the struggles he’s faced getting his brand off the ground and took a deep dive into social media. With building a brand that has not only unique culture, but a unique product, there will be pushback. However, Falaya has made an impression on the home buying community for the better and we can already see the impact in our own community here in Baton Rouge.

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