Episode #72: Living That Basic Life – Jennifer Macha & Nely Ward

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #72: Living That Basic Life - Jennifer Macha & Nely Ward

This week we are bringing things back to the basics, Basic Fitness, that is. Our guests for this week’s episode are none other than Jennifer Macha & Nely Ward. Two fitness fanatics that are not only about staying in shape, but working with kids and adults alike to get them in shape as well. From being forced to sit at home during quarantine, these ladies got right to work realizing they just couldn’t stand the sitting still. Making the leap from working together at the same company, they pulled their resources together and began what is now known as, Basic. With a simple plan, they went into a new venture amidst a pandemic and came out with a winner of a business model. Whether you want personal training, or you are a school looking to get their team conditioned for the upcoming season, Jennifer & Nely are the two people who can make that happen.

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