Episode #71: Tuning the Business – Jim Odom

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #71: Tuning the Business - Jim Odom

It’s time for us to plug in and tune in for the latest episode of The Patty-G Show featuring Jim Odom, founder of PreSonus.This week we sit down to not only jam out over some music and getting a band started, but also geek out over how to design and create technology that improves each and every life it comes into contact with. From there we chat about doing business over seas and the value that comes with being able to expand your reach beyond the city you live in. Jim has been involved with countless projects over his lifetime from creating sonar to jamming out in a local band. Not only is he musically inclined, however, he is also technologically sound and able to create with his bare hands world class technology. We had a great time learning more and more about what PreSonus has accomplished over the years, and we know you will enjoy this one too!

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