Episode #68: From Silicon Valley to Bayou Valley – Adam Knapp

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #68: From Silicon Valley to Bayou Valley - Adam Knapp

Writing about business news, participating in business news, driving business news, Adam Knapp has done it all.Originally working out in the Chicago area writing about local businesses and entrepreneurs, Adam had a knack for wanting to see the economy grow and scale. From Chicago to Silicon Valley, he made the move across the country in the middle of the .com bubble. After being in the Silicon Valley area for a while, Adam came back to his roots and settled within the Baton Rouge area. He quickly started becoming involved with the economic development of Baton Rouge with the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, and never looked back. We chat about the impact moving back to Baton Rouge had on his life, and more importantly, why the Bayou Valley is an amazing place for any and all businesses to excel. While we chat about the economy, Adam provides us with some insight into the upcoming projects around the community and the proposed impact they will have on us, citizens.

If you’re enjoying the show, we’d be forever grateful if you’d follow us along our journey of highlighting entrepreneurs and business leaders, in and around the Baton Rouge community, to really showcase what makes our city great!

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