Episode #66: Just Two Podcasters Podcasting – Haggai Davis

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #66: Just Two Podcasters Podcasting - Haggai Davis

This week we are sitting down with a person who wears many hats. By day he is full blown into the tech industry helping people resolve their technical problems while also educating people in the technology world. Our guest for this week’s podcast episode is Haggai Davis. He is not only the current sitting president of the Baton Rouge Rotary club, he is also the host for Tech Gumbo. A podcast about technology and how to use different applications of hardware and software in the work place. His story of how he ended up now running a podcast, which is also a radio show, is one that took some time. Maintaining a certain degree of patience was key for his success. Sit back and enjoy this weeks episode as we discuss all things technology, podcasting, and how to organically evolve into your next phase.

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