Episode #64: It’s All About The Brand – Patient +

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #64: It's All About The Brand - Patient +

This week on our second episode of season three of The Patty-G Show, we take a seat and pour a cold one with Rubin Patel from Patient +.We discuss the order of operations within Patient + and what makes them unique. Going from one location to six in such a short time frame. Rubin comes from a family that has operated within the hotel industry for many years. Hard work and dedication to the business is second nature for him at this point. After working each and every twelve hour shift to get Patient + off the ground for four years, Rubin is able to now focus on the growth strategy of the comany in addition to maintaining the same level of customer satisfaction across the board. In addition to a deep dive into who Patient + is, we also take a deep dive into what every entrepreneur can put into practice, regardless of their company. Not to mention, we also take a turn down social media lane and get into some really great conversations around marketing.

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