Episode #61: Everyone Needs a CNO – Cane River Pecan Company

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #61: Everyone Needs a CNO - Cane River Pecan Company

We are getting nutty this week.We sit down and enjoy some nice beverages out in Lafayette, LA and talk all things nuts. Jady Regard is the CNO (Chief Nut Officer) for the family business, Cane River Pecan Company. He has been a part of this business for quite some time now and been there through the various transitions that occurred over the years. In addition to his nuttiness, Jady is quite the knowledgeable marketer with all things social, and first impressions. We take a deep dive in this episode about LinkedIn, and the art of giving first. Enjoy this latest episode of The Patty-G Show, and remember, gift giving season runs 24/7/365!

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