LSU, Heisman, Joe Burrow, what do all three of things have in common? Well, if you’ve seen them on a T-Shirt, Bayou Apparel, more likely than not, made the shirt. This week The Patty-G Show is going local sports. We are talking all things sports and t-shirts with Bayou Apparel. Not only do we get into some great LSU commentary around sports teams and t-shirts, we go deep into the world of promotional products. You probably weren’t aware of this, but all the greatest of t-shirts for sports teams have to be made and printed somewhere. Bayou Apparel is the place in Baton Rouge for printing some of the latest and greatest sports apparel you’ve seen and/or worn. We sat down with the owner, Dan, to discuss distribution, licensing, and a preview at a great new shirt to be hitting the market in the near future! All this and so much more packed into the latest episode of the podcast, hope you enjoy!

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