Episode #58: Eating Along the Coast – Beausoleil

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #58: Eating Along the Coast - Beausoleil

This week we are dining and dashing during the family and friends opening of a new old face here in Baton Rouge, Beausoleil.The iconic restaurant located on Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge is the newest addition to the City Group Family. After facing difficult times caused by COVID-19, they closed the doors for good. Several months later the restaurant was acquired by City Group and rehired several staff members to maintain that amazing flavor held within the menu. We sat down with one of the owners of City Group, Stephen Hightower, to learn about his journey thusfar and his purpose for acquiring closed doors. Throughout our short conversation, we cover a wide variety of topics ranging from how to notice a good investment to how to have a career in the hospitality industry. We covered all this and so much more admist the family and friends night soft opening for Beausoleil.

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