Episode #51: Putting the Pieces Together – Cam Jackson

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #51: Putting the Pieces Together - Cam Jackson

New week new episode! In this week’s episode of The Patty-G Show we are talking all things shipping containers. Our guest is Cameron Jackson, CEO of Millenial Park, founder of Gorilla Gang, and a real estate investor. Cameron shares the idea behind getting Millenial Park started and what drove him to take the leap. Millenial Park is a place where people can go and enjoy local cuisine in the Baton Rouge area, and one day soon shop local goods. This is the brain child of Cam and an idea that has taken off into this amazing collaborative space where people come together all around shipping containers. Cam has gained valuable insight along the way, some lessons were learned through hardship, while others were learned out of necessity. He is all about making things happen, getting down and dirty with his business was an easy move to make. Cam is driven, hardworking and determined to make whatever he does a success. So go on over and check out Millenial Park today and enjoy learning more and more about the story behind the scene right here on the podcast!

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