Episode #47: Baking Can Heal The Soul – Sarah Joy Hays

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #47: Baking Can Heal The Soul - Sarah Joy Hays

In this weeks episode we are talking about numbers, computers, oh and of course, baking. We brought on Sarah Joy Hays from CounterspaceBR to share her origin story and how she made the transition from being in DC with an analysts position, to now running and operating her very own bakery. She describes the drive she has always felt to be a rule follower, yet creative. With baking there is a procedure and a recipe, which must be followed exactly as described. However, Sarah has found there is room for improvements within most recipes and that’s where her creativity thrives. With running your own bakery you have the choice, bake the same sweets as everyone else and hope people like your location, or you can create something that is entirely unique to you and people will naturally flock to your store, Sarah chose the latter. Operating a bakery takes skill, motivation, and the drive to satisfy each and every customer. When you enter CounterspaceBR that is just what you will experience with each and every trip you make.

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