Episode #46: Baton Rouge Never Felt So Sweet – Meredith Waguespack

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #46: Baton Rouge Never Felt So Sweet - Meredith Waguespack

In this weeks episode we are talking all things t-shirts. We sat down with Meredith Waguespack of Sweet Baton Rouge, a local t-shirt line started a decade ago to create unique designs that centered around all things Baton Rouge. With starting her brand as a football tee line, Meredith had the drive to do more and focus even further on the Baton Rouge culture that runs through her veins. While some people tend to see business in their success stage, what really makes a business unique is the steady constant growth, over time. What Sweet Baton Rouge is today is 10 years in the making, being able to open a new store front in The Electric Depot, was not done overnight. Building something sustainable and desirable takes time and Meredith will be the first one to tell you not to rush into a new business venture. While entrepreneurs tend to jump in feet first and figure it out along the way, it is those entrepreneurs that realize this will take time and not to skip steps are those that will build the next big thing. Enjoy this episode of great conversations revolving around building a brand from the ground up, best way to get some t-shirts printed, and just how sweet our Baton Rouge community really is!

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