Episode #45: Knowing One’s True Self – Mariah Clayton

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #45: Knowing One's True Self - Mariah Clayton

This week we bring on Miss Louisiana USA 2020.Mariah Clayton and I sit down to chat about the pageant process, setting personal goals, and also knowing how to be the truest form of yourself. While some may think of pageants and think it’s all about the walk, or the outfit, Mariah says it’s so much more than that. Within the pageant circle you have the opportunity to truly find who you are as a person and become comfortable living in your own skin with your own failures and flaws. Being a nice human being is something we can all accomplish in our daily lives and doesn’t require a certain level of status. We talk about the training that goes into planning for the show and learning how to respond to answers in a way that best articulates your values and opinions. In addition to that we talk about the organization Mariah is running called GIRL (Girls In Real Life) that focuses on helping girls of all ages share their stories and learn from one another to better themselves and their situation. We dive into the world of podcasting and getting one started with the bare bones equipment and skill level. All this and so much more is packed into this weeks amazing episode!

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