Episode #44: Bringing The Lunch To You – Kalyn Lindsly

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #44: Bringing The Lunch To You - Kalyn Lindsly

This is an episode that you’ll want to grab a snack for, if not, you might just go hungry. We sit down with Kalyn Lindsly of Basel’s Market Food Truck and talk all things food. We chat about working within a family business and what its like to branch out on your own. Kalyn has worked her way through the family business of Calvin’s Bocage Market to now owning her own food truck carrying everything from Calvin’s chicken salad to homemade bread delivered fresh daily. Kalyn strives to carry only the best freshest local ingredients in order to support the local farmers. Not only do we talk food, we talk the process of going through the permit office and retrofitting the van to create the homey styled kitchen. This episode is a great one you definitely want to give a listen to.

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