Episode #43: Content Marketing In A New World – Gordy Rush

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #43: Content Marketing In A New World - Gordy Rush

This week on The Patty-G Show, we bring on Gordy Rush, a great person who has been around in the radio world for quit some time. Gordy has been in the sports scene both on the field and behind the airwaves. We discussed the importance of how to market a radio station, understanding that the world of advertising and content marketing is changing the advertising game. By taking a deep dive into the Guaranty Media family we discuss some of the various strategic moves that were made by the organization involving the acquisition of several brands. These brands include Talk 107.3 FM, 100.7 The Tiger, Eagle 98.1, 104.5 ESPN, Gatorworks, The Jay Ducote Show, Mornings With Brian Haldane, just to name a few. The strategic move to expand the operations of the company by acquiring other brands is what separates Guaranty Media from the rest. We talk all of this and so much more, including some great stories of the past.

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