Episode #4: Greener Pastures

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #4: Greener Pastures

In the latest installment of The Patty-G Show, I sit down with Jacob Jolibois of Block Lawncare. Block Lawncare is your on demand lawn service app for anyone and everyone. We talk about the process it took for Jacob and his co-founder Matthew Armstrong to create, build, and test the app. Recently, they have been nominated to compete with 99 other top startups from around the world in Memphis, TN. They are hoping to take home the peoples choice award in the category of, “Productivity, Logistics, Advertising, Legal”. This episode is packed full of amazing incite from the great mind of Jacob, and a sneak peak at what’s to come with Block Lawncare!

Podcast link: https://thepattygshow.com/

Block Lawncare Website: https://www.blocklawncare.com/

App Download Link: https://www.blocklawncare.com/download

Block Lawncare Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blocklawncare/

Block Lawncare Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blocklawncare/

Block Lawncare Twitter: https://twitter.com/blocklawncare?lang=en

Block Lawncare LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/blocklawncare/

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