Episode #37: Desk Jobs Are Boring – Chuck P

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #37: Desk Jobs Are Boring - Chuck P

Living a normal life can sometimes become redundant. Often times we find ourselves in a routine and are doing what we can to get out. Well, Charles Pierce has done what he can to avoid having that feeling. From knowing at an early age he was not going to get a desk job and work in a cubicle he’s been operating in a realm of not standing still. His music career was something that kept him busy for quite some time, while always thinking what was coming next. Moving forward he dabbled with the idea of creating a podcast, which has now turned into him creating not one, but two podcasts. While gaining experience he became connected with Jay Ducote and started working with him on Jay-D’s product line. Fast forward and Chuck is now the producer of the Jay Ducote Show on Talk 107.3 FM and a valued member of the Guaranty Media family. Chuck is an amazing person with talents steaming from everywhere! If you are enjoying the show, we would be forever grateful if you could click that like and subscribe button!

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