Episode #33: Hey, I Can Print That – Benjamin Nguyen

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #33: Hey, I Can Print That - Benjamin Nguyen

Can shirts actually be printed like your inkjet printer does on paper? Well, in this episode we find out the answer to that question and so much more.Benjamin Nguyen is the brains behind the operation that is LA Revival Apparel. They are a DTG printing company that works with any custom order and has the ability to print any number of shirts from an order of 1 to an order of 1,000+. Benjamin is at LSU and is working in his business full time. DTG means direct to garment printing, which is when the designs are printed directly onto the shirt just as if you were printing to a piece of paper. We go into detail over the quality difference between DTG printing and the more common style of screen printing. If you have any shirt printing needs or what to start your own custom brand, LA Revival Apparel is the place for you!

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