Episode #28: Come Sit, Let’s Chat – Samantha Rauber

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #28: Come Sit, Let's Chat - Samantha Rauber

This week we talk about mental health with Samantha Rauber. She focuses on helping mothers and their mental health during their pregnancy and post pregnancy. With everything that is taking place throughout the world, our mental health is something we all need to focus on. Being able to know we are not alone throughout any process is key for us to live a happier lifestyle and one that can be filled with more great memories. There is often this stigma around mental health because it is something that, for the most part, cannot be seen on the outward of a person. We can never know what each person is facing in their daily lives. Often people are filled with internal battles that never seem to go away. Taking the time to focus on our mental health is vital for us to continue to grow as people and as a population. Just because we can’t see what is happening on the inside doesn’t mean everything is peachy. Take the time time to ask people how they are doing, offer to help if you can, but more importantly, be there to listen and let people know they are not alone in their struggles.

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