Episode #24: We Can All Learn Something, Every Now & Then – Dr. Ed Watson

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #24: We Can All Learn Something, Every Now & Then - Dr. Ed Watson

This week we are going back to the days of college for some, and looking forward to the future for others. Sitting down with Dr. Ed. Watson to discuss the entrepreneurial ecosystem being developed at LSU. We walk through the beginning days dating back to the 1980s of when the department and courses were just getting started. We discuss the dot com boom and everything it meant for the ISDS department at LSU. As being an LSU Alumni myself, the entrepreneurship department plays an important role for me as I was among the first two graduates with the paired bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship. There is such an importance of having a strong entrepreneurship program at a large university because it allows students to utilize the resources of the university in order to further progress their business ideas. While the end goal is still a diploma, they are putting in steps to ensure you can also graduate with a business underway.

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