Episode #15: Raise A Glass To A New Old Face – Jordan Piazza & Jordan Neldare

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #15: Raise A Glass To A New Old Face - Jordan Piazza & Jordan Neldare

Episode #15 of The Patty-G Show is coming to your listening ears this week featuring Uncle Earls!Uncle Earls is a staple to the town of Baton Rouge being right at the corner of Perkins & Acadian. They have been around since roughly 1895 and seen many different changes. The most recent change was coming under new ownership. I am joined this week with two of the owners: Jordan Piazza & Jordan Neldare. We discuss their upcoming together both personally and professionally. They share their stories of starting together at Mikes in Tigerland then moving to Raising Canes from there a few more venures until they finally landed at going in with a few others at Uncle Earl’s in early 2019.

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