Episode #138: Documenting History – John Williams

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #138: Documenting History - John Williams

Being an entrepreneur some would say starts from a young age. For John Williams of JCW Creative, that started for him at the age of 13. With the desire to purchase his first video camera that cost $600, he knew he had to earn enough money to purchase it himself. Taking to the streets with a lawn mower and weed-eater, he quickly realized the importance of recurring revenue for making his venture successful. After learning the hard lesson of sales tax and taking out his first loan from his parents to purchase the camera, he was off to the races. Filming basketball games became his passion, but selling film to the parents fueled his business from an economic standpoint. Fast forward through his middle and high school years, John received a full ride scholarship to be a part of the media team for LSU. Getting to see first hand what the players would go through, how the coaches would handle situations was life changing. More importantly, the connections built while working there led him to start his full business while still attending and working for LSU. Jumping to present day and John has successfully serviced clients with JCW Creative for 10 years and continues to provide stellar services with outstanding finished products.

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