Episode #107 – Farming For Business – Galen Iverstine

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #107 - Farming For Business - Galen Iverstine

This week we are going farming! We sat down with Galen Iverstine of Iverstine Farms to talk shop, meat, and sustainability when it comes to your small business. With humble beginnings Galen describes his experience to us one that has given himself a lot of time to reflect on what he wants and how he wants to achieve it. By securing a small loan from his parents, who believed in his vision, Galen was able to purchase a small farm in Kentwood, LA to begin his operations. Having the sole intention to eventually bring the animals full circle, it wasn’t long before his farm was becoming a success. Working through the days on the farm not only further inspired Galen to open the one and only butcher shop in Baton Rouge, but also gave him an understanding of what the farmers he now sources from experience every day. Understanding their struggles and situations, Galen is able to work with the farmers that he sources from and explain the products to his consumers without having fear of not knowing the answer. Local is the name of their game, and if you’re looking for local, fresh, grass fed meat, Iverstine Farms has you covered!

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