Episode #104 – Caring For Your Team – Dudley DeBosier

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #104 - Caring For Your Team - Dudley DeBosier

On this final episode of season 3 of The Patty-G Show, we brought on some absolutely wonderful guests. We sat down with Dudley DeBosier to talk work culture, growing your team the right way, and community engagement. The crew over at Dudley DeBosier is known for providing the highest standard of work in their field and providing one of the best places to work in Baton Rouge. Not only do they care about each and every client that walks through their door, they have a strong team focus from the get go. This not only allows them to provide exceptional service to their clients, but it creates a company culture that continuously attracts the highest level of talent the area has to offer. By giving feedback to their team members on a consistent basis rather than an annual review, they are able to notice if things aren’t going well and do their best to trouble shoot. We were able to hear the origin story of three attorneys wanting to get out in the world and truly make a difference. There truly is meaning behind the Dudley DeBosier difference.

If you are enjoying the show, we are looking forward to coming back in January of 2022. While we are taking a few months off to be with our families, we will be actively releasing some short videos from past guests as “Flashback Friday” segments. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us across our social media platforms to catch those shows.

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