The Bayou Blend | The Patty-G Show EP. 172

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
The Bayou Blend | The Patty-G Show EP. 172

Mark Normand is the co-founder of Poppa Earle’s Cajun Seasoning. Mark had been developing a recipe and would initially give the seasoning he made out to people for a gift. He then combined his work with co-founder Jesse Leblanc and Poppa Earle’s was born. Poppa Earle’s was founded in 2017 and won amazon newcomer of the year in 2019. Poppa Earle’s is also designed to contain less salt than competitors, still remain the same price as competitors, and contain some health benefits compared to other seasonings because of the reduction of salt. Mark discusses how his product expanded into multiple stores, his new spice blend releasing soon for fish fry’s and more, his ways of using social media to promote Poppa Earle’s, and much more!

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