Episode #148 – All About The Atmosphere – BLDG5

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #148 - All About The Atmosphere - BLDG5

Typically whenever you go out to eat at a restaurant you are given a single plate for your meal and if there are sharable dishes everyone will have their own smaller plate to pass around. For Misti and Brumby Broussard, they wanted to mix that up a bit. With a California background via the movie industry and then the high end furniture business, they have been around a few different restaurants. From culinary school to movie filming, Brumby always had an itch to become a chef. So much so in fact that once he and Misti opened their high end furniture store in San Diego, Brumby built a fully operating kitchen right in the store for presentations and party hosting. With their passion to move closer to family, they packed their bags and moved down to Baton Rouge, LA with the passion to open a restaurant. After searching for locations for a few years, Brumby finally told Misti about a place off Perkins Road that eventually became the home to their concept BLDG5. With the idea that people should share their food with boards, the vision was brought to life.

Thank you all for the continued support of the show. As we discuss in this episode, please feel free to share your thoughts with us about what makes Baton Rouge great, or how you think it can be improved. Our mission is to promote Baton Rouge and turn it into the great city we know it can be, we all can get it done, together. 

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