Episode #145: Building Something Bigger Than Yourself – Daryl Cohen

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #145: Building Something Bigger Than Yourself - Daryl Cohen

Giving back to the community should be important for us all. Taking lessons we’ve learned from other places should give us a new insight into how things can operate. For our guest this week, Daryl Cohen, all of these play a significant role in how he owns and operates his businesses. Originating in the basketball scene, Daryl is quite the athlete. Taking his skills across the pond to go play on the other side of the globe, he was introduced to a new way of how people can operate as a culture. With the busy life of an athlete, one of the businesses he enjoyed having access to was an in home barber. Moving back to the states he wanted to make a change of pace and business. Opening his own pre-owned dealership, Legendary Import Group was created. With the mentality of letting customers hand select their own vehicle and pick everything down to the trim options, Daryl is providing a unique buying experience in the pre-owned market. Still wanting to bring more value to the community, he decided to open his own barber shop, Legendary Cuts. With a unique approach to hair cuts, Legendary Cuts allows the customer to get their hair cut around their schedule. With appointments starting around 5:30 AM, you can get your cut quick and get out fast. With a desire to go back to his roots, Daryl decided to take a leap back into the sporting world and started his own youth basketball team, Red Claws Basketball. While some may be overwhelmed by the number of businesses Daryl has under his belt, he has an amazing support system that helps him manage it all one day at a time. 

Thank you for the continued support of the show. We are doing what we can to continue sharing stories of local entrepreneurs in the area and showcasing just how great the business scene can be right here in Baton Rouge, LA. 

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