From Front Yard Fixers to Future Shapers | The Patty-G Show Ep. 185

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
From Front Yard Fixers to Future Shapers | The Patty-G Show Ep. 185

Front Yard Bikes. Where do we start? We start in Executive Director Dustin LaFont’s front yard. Throughout and after college, Dustin would ride his bike frequently for school and some of his other tasks. During this time, he acquired a knowledge for bikes, acquiring parts and how to repair his bike and others along the way. Front Yard Bikes started when a kid asked Dustin to repair his bike. This kid then told others and the word spread. Dustin was helping fix bikes in his front yard and the time came to expand. Now, Front Yard Bikes has four different locations they operate out of, helping the youth in their school classes, teaching them skills such as welding, cooking, how to cut hair, how to repair bikes, and even more, it’s a place for local students to bond outside of class after school or during summer while spending time together and learning new things. FYB has more plans in the future to become the spot for the youth to be able spend productive time outside of school!

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