Episode #98: Who’s Calling The Shots – Jordy Culotta

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #98: Who’s Calling The Shots - Jordy Culotta

This episode is one for the ages. Not only did we talk business with Jordy Culotta from The Jordy Culotta Show, but Jordy gave our host Patrick Gremillion a lesson in the business of sports. With Jordy’s early childhood memory of talking with Shaq at a tailgating event, he knew he would be hooked on the world of sports and sports broadcasting. While working through high school to do anything he could to end up with a microphone or camera on the field, Jordy slowly built a name for himself in the sports world. Fast forward to present day, Jordy is running a successful web-show focused on the realm of all things local sports talk. Utilizing his connections made over his career in the sports broadcasting world, he is always creating content with a unique take and valuable insight. We take a deep dive with Jordy into the process of capturing data and securing leads on potential guests. We also look into what NIL means for web-shows like his.

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