Episode #92: Building Sustainable Food, One Bug At A Time – David Fluker

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #92: Building Sustainable Food, One Bug At A Time - David Fluker

Can raising bugs be a sustainable business? Can raising crickets be a sustainable way to contribute to solving world hunger? Those two questions may not necessarily go hand in hand from their cover, but for David Fluker of Fluker Farms & Soldier Fly Technologies, they are one in the same. Not only is David continuing a family business, he is working towards building a sustainable farming future for those that do not have the resources to build something that requires intense amount of labor and materials. Fluker Farms has built a name in the cricket industry as being THE premier go to business for all things cricket related. While seizing opportunities is something every entrepreneur strives for, it is something that David is doing right here in the local community. From not accepting no for an answer when he wanted to create a chocolate cricket, to constantly evolving the brand to solve one problem after another, David is someone with passion, motivation, and creativity that is contagious.

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