Episode #89: … Ended Up At Home – Jeff Vaccaro

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #89: ... Ended Up At Home - Jeff Vaccaro

This week we are raising a glass to the rebirth of a staple in the Tigerland community, The House. A place where many in the Baton Rouge community have found themselves during late nights for fun times. This place is one that has been transformed into a new habitat with much more to do than the original. For one, they have the best pizza in Tigerland. Jeff Vaccaro, a young entrepreneur who came into the equation for this local establishment while attending LSU, is one that is full of knowledge and insight, even for his young age. With a leadership mentality that everyone has good ideas, Jeff is always open to exploring new solutions to drive up business and attract new customers. This led us into a deep conversation about how to get creative within your craft and always stay uniquely yourself throughout business. We got into all of this and so much more during this episode, we hope you enjoy!

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