Episode #87: Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself – Michael Hackett

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #87: Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself - Michael Hackett

This week we sit down with Michael Hackett to discuss the ever evolving door that is entrepreneurship.Throughout his career he’s gone from being raised in an entrepreneurial home where he worked for his parents’ business to then deciding to go into business for himself. After successfully growing his company Pet’s Plaza for well over a decade, he decided it was time for something new. While making a career change after so many years can seem to be quite scary, Michael said the reason for the decision was to continue to remain true to himself and chasing what makes him happy. In his current work day he provides expertise to GMFS Mortgage, manages one of his franchise purchases with Main Squeeze and is involved with Clean Pelican by helping beautify the city one piece of garbage at a time. This is truly a great episode for any and all thinking about making a shift of those genuinely interested in what it takes to make a tough decision.

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