Episode #77: We’re Going Country – Abby Leigh & Brittany Rose

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #77: We're Going Country - Abby Leigh & Brittany Rose

Put on your boots and hats, we are going country this week with none other than Abby Leigh and Brittany Rose from 100.7 The Tiger FM. We not only take a deep dive into the world of country music and how they both worked they way up to being at Guaranty Media, but also the behind the scenes magic of radio. Abby & Brittany are local radio hosts here in the Baton Rouge area where they play anything from the top country artists in the country, to those new up and comers in the local communities. What makes them so unique is this dynamic duo is known for promoting local first. They have different segments each week where they play only local artists and songs. It is through this local promotion that one day at a time, stars will be born right here in our home town.

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