Episode #76: Making A Better Cog – Omnidek

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #76: Making A Better Cog - Omnidek

This week on The Patty-G Show, we are getting techy. More than just techy, we are going all business processes and how to make a better cog. Our guest for episode #76 is Chris Jordan, founder of a little company called Omnidek. However, this company is far from little as they’ve raised well over $3M for their startup and have been working with businesses and delivering their services ever since. Like many startups, Chris goes on to describe what it was like building this company in his garage and watching it blossom into what it has become today, and the growth path he sees them on. While Baton Rouge may not be known specifically for it’s technology hub for companies, Chris wants to change that. With the opportunities booming in Baton Rouge and the fact that Chris raised just about all of that $3M right here locally, it can be done. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this wonderful conversation we had together.

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