Episode #70: Let’s Get Lit – Bridget Tate

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #70: Let's Get Lit - Bridget Tate

It’s time to have your world lit up with Bridget Tate from Capital City Lighting.This week we cross into a new decade of episodes with this being episode #70 overall! We couldn’t be more excited to have an amazing human being that is bringing the light into your homes each and every day she runs her business. With Bridget, you know you’re going to get excellent care and attention to each and every detail. Within this episode of The Patty-G Show we get down to business and have the conversation around when it’s time to leave the 9-5 and make the shift to working for yourself as an entrepreneur. Not only that, but we also dive into the importance of creating a blog for your company, regardless of the industry. Sit back and enjoy episode #70!

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