Episode #57: Finding The Perfect Home – The W Group

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #57: Finding The Perfect Home - The W Group

This week, we are talking all things homeownership.We take a seat with Trey Willard to discuss his career thusfar and the founding of The W Group. Trey has accomplished many things within his career thusfar. Some may know him as a DJ spinning the tracks at The Varsity on a Saturday night, others may know him for being an assistant for The Houk Group, yet others will know him as the man who helped them purchase their dream home, their temporary home, or even their first home. Trey has worked his way through several different industries and has harnessed many skills over the years to now have the tenacity to create his own successful real estate firm. However, his firm is doing things a bit differently here in the Baton Rouge area. One of the biggest differences within his personal real estate firm is the hiring of a fulltime videographer. Making this shift is one may frighten many, or even be a turn off, but Trey has found substantial sucess in making this move to grow his brand and enable his team to craft a sales card uniquely special for each home. In this episode we talk all things moving through the ranks, making the tough, unpopular, decisions, and how we can all be better individuals striving towards achieving our goals.

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