Episode #56: Distilling A Louisiana Flare – Sugarfield Spirits

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #56: Distilling A Louisiana Flare - Sugarfield Spirits

On this week’s episode of The Patty-G Show, we take a little trek down I10 to visit our good friends over at Sugarfield Spirits.Thomas and Andrew are the masterminds behind the scenes and behind the bar bringing all the Sugarfield creations to life. In this episode, we sample a few of the spirits as well as discuss some of the science behind the process and Thomas provides a history lesson on the art of distilling. While they are currently aging their own Louisiana bourbon, they have hand selected a few barrels to create their own blend which is availible for sale now. While discussing all things spirits and the craft of distilling we touched on the importance of shopping local. By using local ingredients, whenever you can, we are able to put those dollars back into circulation within our own local economy. Next time your out in a restaurant, or at your local grocery, be sure to ask for some Louisiana products!

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