Episode #55: Brewing A Story – The Flying Tiger Brewery

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #55: Brewing A Story - The Flying Tiger Brewery

This week we sit down, pour a cold one and raise a glass to a local brewery out in Monroe, LA, The Flying Tiger Brewery. The Patty-G Show went on a road trip up to North Louisiana to visit with Rob Brewer, one of the founders of the local brewery, Flying Tiger. We sampled a few brews while discussing the rich heritage behind the brand. Rob described the story of The Flying Tigers and the importance they had in WW2. While starting a brewery is no easy task, these guys know how to do it successfully and have fun. By revolving the brand around the idea that brewing beer and operating a brewery should be a fun thing to do, Rob is able to create a great social following and really pull people in to enjoy their products. We also discuss some of the challenges for early entrepreneurs getting their brand off the ground and some key take aways Rob has gathered through the years.

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