Episode #54: Solving the Root of the Problem – Boo Milton

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #54: Solving the Root of the Problem - Boo Milton

Boo Milton has a reputation that precedes him, and that is of giving 120% of himself to help others.While his technical title is being a community organizer, he is so much more involved than what that may appear. Boo is always active in the community from founding his startup Sparkbox to putting on dodgeball tournaments. Yes, you read that correctly, Baton Rouge has a dodgeball tournament! Boo’s area of expertise is crime reduction. This led him to being invovled with Cities United, and is actually a board member on their board of advisors. His origin, however, goes back to music. Boo was a rapper, an on air personality, and a singing competition judge. He quickly become known as the go to guy for getting in contact with people in the local community who could take your dream of becoming an artist, and turn it into a reality. All of this being said, we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Emanuel Boo Milton and getting to hear his story of how he’s impacting the local Baton Rouge community.

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