Episode #39: We Could All Use A Little Imagination – Will Barrios

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #39: We Could All Use A Little Imagination - Will Barrios

Follow us into the world of toys, leave all road maps behind. In order for you to fully deep dive into this weeks episode you will most certainly need to throw away the instructions. We are joined on The Patty-G Show by Will Barrios of Tatro Magnetic Toys. Tatro is a toy company that Will started to bring his childhood toy to life. While growing up Will was an only child and needed to be creative to fill his time with imagination and creativity. After taking some time to explore both coasts of the country and dabble within the theatre world, he returned to Baton Rouge to pursue his passion, toys. This week’s episode we take a deep dive into the journey Will has experienced thus far and discuss a few of the challenges along the way.

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