Episode #36: Get It, Got It, Grabit – Nic DiChiara

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #36: Get It, Got It, Grabit - Nic DiChiara

This week is all about tech. We are talking building mobile apps, delivering diapers, and how all this plays into the Baton Rouge ecosystem. The Patty-G Show brings on Nic DiChiara for this week’s episode to chat about his app he co-founded, “Grabit”. Which is a service style app that will bring you anything you want, literally anything you want. They will go to the grocery for you, they’ll run an errand to a hardware store, you name it and they will go Grabit! Nic’s story begins outside of Baton Rouge, but he ends up right where he belongs being a moving and grooving individual really making a difference in the community. While tech startups can be complicated, we were really able to dial in on the process of getting started in tech and even some of the lesson’s they’ve learned along the way.

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