Episode #35: Is Social Media The New Billboard – Chase Weatherly

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #35: Is Social Media The New Billboard - Chase Weatherly

Round two for the great people at Elifin Realty. This time we sit and chat with their marketing director, Chase Weatherly.Chase is the brains behind all those amazing social media posts that you see on literally every platform. He is the behind the scenes person who is creating that content and distributing it across all the different platforms. We discuss the unique approach as a commercial real estate agent and why they are so active. In a world where normally real estate is advertised on the property or through email, they shed a whole new method of advertising properties. Not only are they creating content around properties they represent, they are sharing news about each and every commercial real estate transaction that is happenign across Baton Rouge. If you are looking for new and improved ways of getting creative with your social media presence, this podcast definitely is filled with several gems!

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