Episode #32: Positivity Is Contagious – Robert Wise

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #32: Positivity Is Contagious - Robert Wise

New week, new episode and we sure do have one that will leave you filled with joy and smiles all around. This week we are joined by Robert Wise, the CEO and founder of ITinspired, a tech company, whose employees will definitely challenge any office to a nerf war, and win! Rob started his tech company after working within a business that became toxic, he never wanted to experience that moving forward. He brings positivity and pure joy to all those he surrounds, especially his employees who make satisfied customers even happier. Itinspired is a company that puts the client’s needs above their own to ensure the highest level of customer service possible. We chat about what has been happening in the business scene with everyone switching to a home office workspace and now starting to slowly integrate back into the “normal” economy. This and so much more is jammed packed into our latest episode of The Patty-G Show

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