Episode #29: Is It Company Culture, Or Branding – Kenny Nguyen

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #29: Is It Company Culture, Or Branding - Kenny Nguyen

Really exciting week of the show. We are talking all things marketing, corporate culture, and even presentations with none other than Kenny Nguyen of Three-Sixty-Eight! Companies need to establish their own image of how they want to be portrayed to the world. This can be done through numerous avenues. One of them being advertising or marketing by spreading a message of who they are and what products they sell. Some will say that is one of the most crucial aspects of starting your business and making it take off. Kenny Nguyen and I discuss another equally, if not greater side of the business that everyone needs to be successful, company culture and how your employees see you. This in turn reflects how the rest of the world will see you.

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