Episode #16: The Key To Your Home – Neal Francois

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #16: The Key To Your Home - Neal Francois

On Episode #16 of The Patty-G Show we are joined by Neal Francois of The Key Finders Team. Neal is a real estate agent in the Baton Rouge area and has been involved with the purchasing and selling of homes for the last several years. The balancing act of a real estate agent is a constant never ending feat as their work doesn’t operate based on a normal 9-5 schedule. Neal and I discuss the Baton Rouge house buying experience, the recent LSU national championship game, as well as a few personal stories of why Neal chose real estate versus going into the family business. Please be sure to share the show, subscribe and we would love for you to leave a review wherever you listen to podcasts!

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