Episode #143 – Finding Your Stride – Niraj Vora

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #143 - Finding Your Stride - Niraj Vora

This week we are stepping in stride with Niraj Vora, Co-Founder of The Stride Shop. The Stride Shop is a local physical therapy clinic focused around runners and tailoring to their specific needs. What brings a certain level of uniqueness to The Stride Shop is the fact that they are out of network. This means they may have a little higher price tag, but they focus on that next level concierge service and spend as much time with the patient as needed. What this allows is for them to get down to the root of the issue rather than simply having you work through some exercises and moving on to the next patient. Viraj and RT have focused from the beginning on making this practice unique and focused on a specific set of people, runners. Originally founded in New Orleans, they have added another practice right here in Baton Rouge. Niraj discussed the importance of getting down to the root of the issue rather than simply treating the patient for a surface level injury. Additionally, we discussed the struggles that solopreneurs experience each and every day, ultimately, when is the right time to make the first hire?

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